fermented gherkins cucmbers JarFermenting is one of the oldest methods of preserving food and enriches it by the action of bacteria and fungi. It is truly a living food!

Fermented foods increase the diversity of our internal ecosystem – gut flora – by introducing and feeding a wide range of beneficial organisms. Think about fermenting as packing health into a jar!

Intestinal bacteria produce chemicals that help us harness energy and nutrients from our food (bacteria enables our bodies to absorb 10-15% of total nutrients from our food). They also appear to keep our immune systems healthy, are linked to brain metabolism and prevent many serious diseases.

As you can see, ferments do not just feed us – they also heal. From kimchi to sauerkraut, jun to beet kvass, learn to make ferments for health and beauty.

Fermenting recipes:

Tomato Salsa

Fermented Wild Mushrooms (Saffron Milk Cups)

Red Kimchi Polish Style

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