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Vegetables growing in the garden

For me the road to good health starts in the garden. A productive garden is a great source of food and components needed for home-made natural cosmetics and herbal remedies.

The garden at Moss House provides our family with organic, home grown fruit and vegetables as well, as plant materials to create hand-made soaps, creams, medicinal tinctures and tissanes.

Food Growing & Foraging Workshops:

Edible Garden Design – design can make or break a vegetable patch and well designed layout is necessary for efficient organic food growing

Herbal Garden - grow culinary and medicinal herbs to make your own cosmetics and natural remedies

Insects in the Garden – recognise destructive pests and beneficial insects which act as pollinators and biological pest control for your garden

Composting and soil fertility – how to feed your garden naturally and keep soil healthy

Waterwise Gardens – managing the most precious natural resource

Wild Mushroom Hunt – foraging in forests


Costa_Gardening_AustraliaThe garden appeared on ABC Gardening Australia on May 21st, 2016.

For more media appearances see the Media page.



garden_awardIn 2014 the garden was awarded the 2nd place in the Best Edible Gardens category in the City of Ryde Spring Garden Competition.




The garden is open to the public twice a year – on the International Permaculture Day (first Sunday in May) and on the Sustainable House Day (the second Sunday in September).  

See the Open Garden page for more information about what you can see when visiting the garden.

3 Responses

  1. I thank you for making the opportunity to speak to me, well after everyone has gone home.
    It has been a most beneficial day for me.

    I would welcome contact details for your garden fertilizer products at Carlngford; and the supplier of natïve bees
    and the chicken ( for egg production) supplier.
    The Eastwood Tai Chi group which gathers every morning at Eastwood mall, under the wisteria boughs) from 830 to 930, Mondays to Sundays,
    have lots of people of Chinese descent, who are interested in herbs for cooking and health, and some have them growing in their gardens.

    It is my hope, that over a period of time, we may be able to share some information.


    Gus Houng Lee

    • Hi Gus,

      Thank you for visiting our garden today. I am sorry I didn’t spend more time with you, but we had over 130 visitors during the day!
      I am very interested in Chinese vegetable gardening and for a long time wanted to visit and learn from some Chinese backyard growers! I would like to grow more Asian edibles in my garden, just never found a person who could share the knowledge with me. Please contact me on for more private conversation.

      As for your questions, my favourite garden supplies shop is Carlingford Produce at Carlingford They also sell young hens, mainly cross-breeds. If you are interested in purebreed Australorp hens, you could get them from Barter & Sons Hatchery in Luddenham. The native bees (Tetragonula carbonaria) & beehive in my garden was from Zabel but you could probably find some in NSW – they have become more popular in recent years.


    • Hi Gus,

      I was interviewed for an article on permaculture for a Chinese lifestyle magazine “Lifestyle Asia” published by Australian New Express Daily. The interview has appeared in the March 12th issue. This could be something that would interest Chinese readers who garden, as it provides information about permaculture, usefulnes of backyard garden and also about traditional fermented drinks..

      The interview is attached in the “Media” section of this website:
      It is currently accessible through the “Lifestyle Asia” magazine website (pages 52-57):

      Happy reading!


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